VtigerCRM PDFMaker Special chars missing

26. August 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0


A short info to users of VtigerCRM, which recognize a problem with special chars in PDF’s generated by PDFMaker module of ITS4you, since some weeks.

Not PDFMaker have a problem, but the used library to create the PDF and you could fix this problem quickly by yourself.
The reason why this is not recognized earlier is an update, Adobe released some weeks ago, which have a problem with special fonts.

Download this ZIP and extract the files to your local disk: https://drive.stefanwarnat.de/d/91d7d71d70/?p=/&dl=1

Upload the 4 ttf font files to this directory in your vtiger: modules/PDFMaker/resources/mpdf/ttfonts/

Then your PDF should working without bugs.


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