Use Workflow Designer to communicate with your clients

29. July 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0


After a long time of silence in this blog, I will starting to get back. At the moment we are in the process if founding a web agency, which will support my modules and also will be involved in the development of new modules.

With the help of friends from SamsonovDesign in Leipzig and an agency from Berlin, I ‘m sure to build a stable and useful company for users of VtigerCRM and YetiForce.

Today I want to describe the way, how you could use the Workflow Designer to communicate with your clients. In this example by the usage of SMS. You could use the function with PRO AND BASIC version.

During the last release, I introduce the feature for external developers to add and update own custom tasks into the module. To also use this feature for my new company, I introduce a complete SMS Implementation into the Workflow Designer.
It implements the usage of Twilio, Plivo, ClickworkerSMS,, ClickATell

The opportunities of such system are not only to send manually custom SMS to your clients. You also could send static SMS if an order was shipped. Or to confirm some actions to client.

To get this new tasks, you need to add a second Repository to your Workflow Designer. To do this, go to this page:

And copy any URL within your VtigerCRM system. It doesn’t matter, which is visible on this URL, because the URL is not transferred to server. If you press the button a small clientside script will forward you to a page of your VtigerCRM / Workflow Designer, where you could add this Repository.

After you have done this, go to “Task Management” in your sidebar, scroll down and install “Communicate Core” and “Communicate by SMS”.

Now you could open the “Provider Manager” in the sidebar and add your Account credentials of your provider.

Then you could create a Workflow “send SMS”, for example in the module Contacts.

In our example I would create a Workflow, which send custom SMS to a client. But you could use the “communicate by SMS” block in any other case, too.

Open the configuration of Start block and add one value to request, before execution. This will be the content of the SMS in your example.

Also set the trigger to “start manually” in this example. The default text “Hallo $firstname” I used for default template, because this will be a good start for any message and could be extended.

Now add a “communicate by SMS” task and connect the task with start block.

The configuration of this block will looks like:

Provider is the provider you setup. Receiver and Sender should be clear.
I choose to send the SMS to the $mobile fieldvalue of Contact. You could also add this to the request values form in start block.

Content is the content of the request values field you configure. Here you could maybe add some hardcoded text around this message, too.

That’s all!

The most important fact with this tool is, to provide the mobile number in a compatible format. This format is depending on your provider. You will get the information from their documentation. You cannot do anything wrong if you use +49 XXXXXXXXX (+49 or your country code)

Activate the workflow, go to Contacts, open a test record and start the Workflow. For easier handling, you maybe want’s to add this Workflow in the form of colored button. Use Frontend Manager to do this.

If you start, you will see the configured request values form.

Some seconds, depending on provider also minutes, later you will have the SMS on your phone.


PS: You could get back every day. I will present my VtigerCRM Workflow Designer module in the next days very intensive. I get the notice, not everybody understand how to work with this powerfull tool.

PPS: It’s easy to add other SMS provider. Read one of the first pages in our new documentation.

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