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31. July 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0


Today I want to present another function, which you could use if you combine the functions of Workflow Designer in a special way.

This is a function, other modules could also do, or maybe could do better. But to buy another modules and use MailChim/CleverReach for only a small amounts of Newsletter could be too much effort.

But pay attention to this: If you sending large amounts of Mails with a Newsletter, you maybe come better with professional Newsletter services, because they better prevent you from flagged as Spam.

To handle this, you must have the Professional Version of my VtigerCRM Workflow Designer, because you needs to trigger an external workflow.

You have two opportunities with Workflow Designer PRO. At first you could integrate the selector, which records should get the mail, directly within the Workflow. But this will require you adjust it every time you want to change something.

A better option will be to create a Filter, for example “Newsletter” and define conditions there. You could select this Filter during the process, I explain to use the records for newsletter.

Let us start!

The process will be the following:
Create a Workflow, which select the records for newsletter and trigger another workflow to send Newsletter to this records. This also makes it possible to send the Mail manually to records, afterwards.

First step: Create E-Mail Workflow

The first process we create is the one, which will send the E-Mail to the record. This workflow could be very simple and only need one task “send email”. If you already read the first tutorial, you also could trigger SMS campaigns.
But I will handle the situation you want to send an email.

The only required configuration you need, is the recipient, which should be the email field of the record you want to send to. Sender, Subject, Content or a (EMail-Maker )Template could be chosen like you need.

Since some versions, the “send email” block have the option “Directly embed images to mail“. This will improve the first view of client, because you increase the chance mail clients directly load images and not require the receiver to click on “load images”. The used technique is compatible to Google Mail, too.

This is an example Configuration to send mail to Contact. Subject and Content is empty, because this is loaded from Mailtemplate.
This is an example Configuration to send mail to Contact. Subject and Content is empty, because this is loaded from Mailtemplate.

You could setup this Workflow to “execute only” permissions if you do not want to trigger the Newsletter manually. This will prevent your employees to make a wrong click.

An additional notice to improve the process: If you want to be sure, every Contact only receive 1 version of this newsletter, you could enable the checkbox “only one Execution per Record” in start block. In this case you could start the main newsletter process multiple time and only write to records, not already get the mail.

Second step: Create Trigger Workflow

The second required workflow will internally trigger the first workflow for every record you select.

You have the option to set the checkbox “allow execution without a related record” in start block. This will allow you to trigger the workflow without a selected record. It is easier, but will remove the status of execution from the record you use for main execution.

But regardless if you set this option, you need to open the Start block, to set the “runtime of this workflow” to “delayed”. Then you could directly continue working in vtigercrm, after you trigger the workflow, because Newsletter is send by next Cronjob runtime. (Be sure to setup VtigerCRM Cron) Otherwise you need to wait until the newsletter is completely send to records.

Add one “execute Workflow with external record” and within select the module of the Records you want to write the newsletter.

Within the field “execute this workflow” please select the process you create in step 1.

Now you need to setup the condition to select receiver.
Like I write earlier you could decide to write the mail to Records from CustomView or from a condition you manually configure.
The manually configuration also allows you to select records, you added to a campaign, which could be nice to have in case you use campaigns. 😉

That’s all!

I use a test run in any case I send a newsletter. Nothing is more a problem, then a wrongly send mail to all clients. This test could be done by change the receiver email to a static one you own or a campaign you use for tests.

Because the process is very easy I do not prepare a download file you could import.

You also could combine more feature of Workflow Designer to extend the functions of such function. For example in combination with the Workflow Planer you could automatically send an email to every record you add to a campaign/filter.

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