Heavily enhance the CustomView filter

22. August 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0


A short notice about my latest modification:

It is not really a module, but fully compatible to Module Manager. It improve the options you have during Editing of CustomViews and give you more power over the ListView.

You could add fields from related records, for example, fields from Account inside Contacts ListView, or filter based on this columns.
You could change the default sort column of CustomViews or add some custom virtual columns in ListView, your PHP developer also could extend. At least you could modify the Headline Fieldlabel of VtigerCRM ListView, if it waste space.
But the most important feature is the display of columns, not only from current record, but from any related record. Maybe you want to list Contacts of Organizations in a specific industry. Or create a listin of custom Jobs module based of a special industry from Account.

The “Search Plus” module is mainly based on my EventHandler module. Maybe you already recognize or install it for one of my other modules. You need to modify some core files, which could be done automatically. (Read setup instructions: https://support.redoo-networks.com/doc/search-plus/)

Because it is integrated deeply within vtigercrm, you should check the configuration of everything you do. It have the power to make big problems, if you do something, I don’t imagine. I test lot’s of configurations, but not everything.

That’s why you should test before you buy.
You could do this here: http://demo61.stefanwarnat.de/
Check default Filter of Contacts module.

If you want to purchase the module, you could do this here: https://shop.stefanwarnat.de/stefans-vtigercrm-module/search-plus/
ead the requirements carefully!

Because it is created with interfaces, you could also send me some features, you would like to use within this modification. Then I could add this.
You found available extension for this module, which already implemented in Core together with SourceCode, here: https://github.com/RedooNetworks/SearchPlus-Extends


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