Send Newsletter by using VtigerCRM Workflow Designer

31. July 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0


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Use Workflow Designer to communicate with your clients

29. July 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0


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create Workflows with more than 3 conditions

16. August 2013 Bugfix

Hy, After a break with lots of work, I write this post from my vacation, because there is the time to solve annoying things, which will need time to study. If you every try to create a workflow, in the vtigerCRM integrated workflow module, with more than 3 conditions, you will see that all conditions […]


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New Workflow Designer Extension for vtigerCRM

21. October 2012 vTigerCRM 5.4

Hy! Update! The first Demo is online in the DEMO of my vtiger shop! Please check it out and if you find any bugs or missing translations, please let me know.  I have deactivate the eMail-Feature. Don’t send me reports, if mails won’t arrive!  Post from 09/25/2012: Today I want to introduce a new great […]


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Individual Sender informations in “Send mail” on Workflows

22. April 2012 Hacks

Today I translate my modification to set the sender in the “send mail” workflowtask. You could select data from assigned_user field. So it possible to communicate with the Lead / Contact in the name of his/her contact person in your company. The great work of the vTiger developers in 5.4.0 gives the possibility to select […]


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