Heavily enhance the CustomView filter

22. August 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0

Hy, A short notice about my latest modification: It is not really a module, but fully compatible to Module Manager. It improve the options you have during Editing of CustomViews and give you more power over the ListView. You could add fields from related records, for example, fields from Account inside Contacts ListView, or filter based on […]


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Create new comparison operator for advanced filters in vtiger 5.4.0

14. August 2012 Hacks

Hy, Today i had to create a new filter for the CustomViews, which matches all Records, which had a datevalue 14 or more days ago. Basically it hides a record 14 days after creation and show this record started with the 15. day after creation. I didn’t find any way, to build such filter with […]


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