VtigerCRM PDFMaker Special chars missing

26. August 2016 vtigerCRM 6.0

Hy, A short info to users of VtigerCRM, which recognize a problem with special chars in PDF’s generated by PDFMaker module of ITS4you, since some weeks. Not PDFMaker have a problem, but the used library to create the PDF and you could fix this problem quickly by yourself. The reason why this is not recognized […]


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create Workflows with more than 3 conditions

16. August 2013 Bugfix

Hy, After a break with lots of work, I write this post from my vacation, because there is the time to solve annoying things, which will need time to study. If you every try to create a workflow, in the vtigerCRM integrated workflow module, with more than 3 conditions, you will see that all conditions […]


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