Workflow Designer Tutorial 1 – Birthday Mails

5. October 2015 Module


This will be the first post in a sequence of tutorials related to my VtigerCRM Workflow Designer Module. You need at least version 600.1102 of the module, which I release today.

This time I will create a small explanation how you create a workflow, which sends a birthday greeting to your contacts.
This also could be done with the internal workflow module, but you get much more options if use the Workflow Designer.

The tasks to create such workflow are very simple.

  1. Create new manually triggered Workflow in Contacts module and add a “send mail” task to the workflowbirthday1
  2. connect the output of “Start” to the Input of “Send email”birthday2
  3. configure send mail task to send your birthday wishes and set the recipient to $email , which is the primary email address from the Contact record or choose some other field by using the small blue button next to the recipient field
  4. Fill the other fields, like your company wants to send the birthday wishesbirthday3
  5. at least activate the Workflow in the sidebar and set a name you could remember
  6. open the “Workflow Planer”, you found in the sidebar of Workflow Designer overview configuration and add a new entry
  7. Don’t activate the entry before you are finish with your configuration! Otherwise you will send the email to every Contact every minute
  8. choose the Workflow you create, activate the checkbox before “select Records” and open the “select Records” popup.
  9. Here you need to be a little bit creative, because there is no condition like “birthday is today” and you could not compare “date of birth” field with the current date, because both values contain the year value, which are not equal.
  10. But because the date is stored in format “Y-m-d” you could set the condition “ends with” and the value to “$[Now,””,”-m-d”]“. This value string return the only the current month and day without the year value. (Don’t forget to set the field to “date of Birth”)birthday4You could peass “calculate number of records” to check how much records this condition will match at the current date
  11. Close this popup and at least set the scheduler configuration to the following:
    1. Minute = 0, Hour = 8, Day of Month = *, Month = *, Day of Week = *, Year = *
      This will execute this workflow at 08:00 UTC every daybirthday5
  12. Now you could activate the entry and if your cronjob is configured correctly you will send birthday emails every day

If you are unsure if you do any step correctly you could set your own email as receiver of the birthday email and test the scheduling for one execution/day.

If you have some problems, you could download the workflow I create during this tutorial here: Download Workflow

Have fun!



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the new Export Feature of the Workflow Designer

19. May 2015 vtigerCRM 6.0


Today I want to give you a short view into a new feature, I implement into the latest version of my Workflow Designer Extension.
The basic features could be used within the basic version. But to get the full power you need the professional version of the Workflow Designer.

Now it is possible to export records to CSV and Excel files directly within a workflow and download the file, send the export to your email mailbox or upload it in combination with the CloudFiles Upload task to any storage.

To make use of this feature create two blocks in a new Workflow.

1. A global search

This is the step, which only could be done if you own the professional version.
This task will select all records you want to export. Configure the condition as complex as you need, but be aware it will hit the performance if you filter too complex conditions. If it takes too long you could start the workflow asynchronous and get the exported file by mail.
The most important field is “Store result Records in the following Environment Variable”. You could imaging this as key, which will be used to store all records you want to export. You need the key to create the export file, from the records, stored within.

2. The export records block

Here you need also select the module of the records you want to export.
If you own the basic license you could only select a View you want to use to export records. The block will use every records, this view will show.
If you have used the global search block from step 1 you need to configure the environment variable in the field “Environment ID with Records”
Then configure a filename of the generated file and set the format, this file will have (Excel, CSV)

You could configure if the Headlines of the columns you add below will be inserted into the file and what you want to do with the file. If you will direct download the file, choose “direct download file”. Otherwise the best option will be “Store in filestore”, because this will make it possible to send the file by mail or upload to a storage. (Then you must the an extra Filestore ID, which will be used to store the file)

At least configure the columns you want to insert into the export. You could also choose fields from related records. Every column could also generate the value by the default template textfield. This will make it possible to export custom values, which will be combined by multiple fields.

If you choose “direct download the file” then you are ready to execute the workflow.
Probably a good idea will be to use the new option “allow execution without a related record” inside the start block. This will give you the option to simple execute the workflow, without to choose a related record.

3. send mail with generated file

If you want to send the generated file by email and choose “store in filestore” then you must add an additionally “send mail” task.
Configure destination of the mail, subject and a simple text. It don’t have any impact. Choose “Attach File from temporarily filestore” on the right side to add the attachment. A small textfield will be opened, which require to input the “Filestore ID”, which you use to store the file in the “export record” task.

That’s all.
Now please start and test the workflow.

If you have any questions, let me know.



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global search extension in VtigerCRM 6

11. March 2015 Uncategorized


This time I present a new extension from my playground, which will reintroduce a usefull function.
With the release of VtigerCRM 6,the internal global search was converted to a premium feature, which is only available in OnDemand Version.
The split in Free and Hosted version will save the further development of VtigerCRM, because also indian developers must pay their bills.

I see the positive aspect of such decision. This will make it possible to implement a better search function myself.

Also other already existing global search module are too limited in my opinion and don’t make use of all possible features.

I used the time to develop such search function which use an own search index.
I decided to use this way, because it will give me the best performance and later I could apply an external search engine, like Sphinx too.
In some situation this way results in a better performance, than the small internal search function could provide.

Also it will save the heavy used database and the harddisk, too, because the database only needs to search within one table and not within the complete database.

Additionally I implement a connection to the essential PDFMaker von Its4You. This will save one step, if you only want to generate a PDF file from one/multiple records.
You could simple choose the PDF Template within search results and generate PDF.

You get this module for 49€ (incl. 19% german vat) in my shop with free updates in future.



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Add ListView to Comments in VtigerCRM 6.1

11. February 2015 Uncategorized


After almost exactly one year of hard working and very less free time, I found the time to write a new post to my english vtiger blog.

The reason is also almost the same like any post in the past.
I had create a vtiger modification, which I want to share with you.

This time I “repair” the missing ListView of the ModComments module in vtigerCRM 6.1 and 6.2.
I think it also works in 6.0, but I hadn’t test it and you shouldn’t use this version. 🙂

You found the small documentation in my wiki:

Thanks for reading!




vtigerCRM 6.0 available

10. January 2014 Uncategorized


The new year starts directly with a little surprise. It was announced, but I was sure it will be moved to February or March.

The fundamentally revised version 6.0 of the open source vtigercrm tool was published for productive usage.
With this new version interesting and helpful new possibilities was introduced into the core.

You will found the download and a script for migration from 5.4 here:

My modifications and extension will be migrated to the new version step by step.
Because of bigger changes until the last day, I couldn’t start earlier.




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