This Extension has the possibility to highlight a very important field in DetailView, if it is empty or has old values, anybody should check.

You could customize the Colorizer Settings to change textcolor to red, if a date was gone and a checkbox isn’t checked.
Every possible combination could be set!

Also you could collapse/hide a complete block, if a checkbox wasn’t checked and show these block again, if the checkbox was set, or a textfield contains a value.

You couldn’t hide/show single fields, with this extension. Only complete blocks!

This Extension gives you the following features:

  • Colorize fields, depending on other field values
  • Hide/Collapse/Expand Blocks
  • Set various combined Conditions for every color setting

Planned Features:

  • integrate a more complex condition algorithm from an other extension, to allow OR/AND Combinations
  • Add more Stylable Settings, as example font or alignment
  • Colorize ListView, depending on values of the record (Couldn’t be integrate in vtiger 5.x)

Here you get more Information

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