global search extension in VtigerCRM 6

11. March 2015 Uncategorized

Hy, This time I present a new extension from my playground, which will reintroduce a usefull function. With the release of VtigerCRM 6,the internal global search was converted to a premium feature, which is only available in OnDemand Version. The split in Free and Hosted version will save the further development of VtigerCRM, because also […]


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Add ListView to Comments in VtigerCRM 6.1

11. February 2015 Uncategorized

Hy, After almost exactly one year of hard working and very less free time, I found the time to write a new post to my english vtiger blog. The reason is also almost the same like any post in the past. I had create a vtiger modification, which I want to share with you. This time I “repair” […]



vtigerCRM 6.0 available

10. January 2014 Uncategorized

Hy, The new year starts directly with a little surprise. It was announced, but I was sure it will be moved to February or March. The fundamentally revised version 6.0 of the open source vtigercrm tool was published for productive usage. With this new version interesting and helpful new possibilities was introduced into the core. You will found […]



Search for empty Reference fields

9. January 2014 Uncategorized

Hy, Do you already search for records, which don’t contain a reference in such field? Already search for Contacts without an Account Record? You meet this problem! Because you cannot search for empty reference fields. The easy and simple solution: Open file: include/QueryGenerator/QueryGenerator.php Search:  Insert before this: Now you could check if a reference field is […]



Use Datefields from custom Blocks in CustomView standard conditions

26. September 2013 Uncategorized

Hy, Today only a quick and very small modification, but in my opinion with a big result. If you want to use Datefields inside the standard Date conditions of a CustomView you probably see, you could only select fields, which are inside of internal Blocks. (More detailed: Blocks, which have a translation in the current […]



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