September, 2013

Create Invoice/Quote/SalesOrder etc. in vtigerCRM 5.4.0 with items over the Webservice

30. September 2013 vTigerCRM 5.4

Hello, Today I post a modification for an important problem, which¬†prevents external systems to be easily connected to vtigerCRM. Because in vtigerCRM 5.4.0 and below it isn’t possible to create Innvoices,… together with items over the Webservice. I think this is a main feature, which could make the vtiger to a central business system and […]



Use Datefields from custom Blocks in CustomView standard conditions

26. September 2013 Uncategorized

Hy, Today only a quick and very small modification, but in my opinion with a big result. If you want to use Datefields inside the standard Date conditions of a CustomView you probably see, you could only select fields, which are inside of internal Blocks. (More detailed: Blocks, which have a translation in the current […]



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