June, 2012

Sorting Modules in Universal Search

27. June 2012 Hacks

Hy, Today I want to describe, how you can sort the moduls if you use the main searchfield in vtiger 5.4. I didn’t create a new sorting algorithm, because I think you use menu ordering to sort important modules to the front. With one change it use this sorting for the search results. modules/Home/UnifiedSearch.php Search: […]


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Typo3 Bridge to vTiger 5.40

6. June 2012 Bugfix

Today I have solved a problem with the Typo3 Powermail to vTiger Extension from Different Solutions.(ds_vtiger_crm) These Extension is a great enhancement if you would easily transfer formulardata from a Typo3 Page to vtiger. Only the Date-Field is incompatible, because the extension sends Unix Timestamps instead of the correct format “Y-m-d”. The easy and quick […]


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