April, 2012

Insert Widget in vTiger Sidebar

27. April 2012 Uncategorized

Today I will show you the way to easily add a widget in the sidebar of existing vTiger moduls. I think this way was introduced in version 5.40. I couldn’t guarantee, that 5.30 will offer the same functionality. It’s very easy, but only offer a way to add an ajax based widget. It means, the content […]



vTiger doesn’t save privileges in profiles

26. April 2012 Uncategorized

Hy! Today I write about a big problem of the privileges in profiles. If you want change this settings and use a default secure linux setup with an up to date php/apache you could notice, vtiger doesn’t save all your checkboxes and it doesn’t exists a special breakpoint. This problem will result in lots of […]



Individual Sender informations in “Send mail” on Workflows

22. April 2012 Hacks

Today I translate my modification to set the sender in the “send mail” workflowtask. You could select data from assigned_user field. So it possible to communicate with the Lead / Contact in the name of his/her contact person in your company. The great work of the vTiger developers in 5.4.0 gives the possibility to select […]


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Calculate VAT by default per group

21. April 2012 Hacks

Hey! The first modification, I want to share with you, is the default handling of VAT in Quotes/Invoices. Normally vTiger creates Invoices with VAT individual per product, to managed different VAT-Values. If you add an coupon to the total, the coupon will be used after VAT-calculation and create a wrong value, because there are no […]


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First Post in my new vTigerCRM Blog

20. April 2012 Uncategorized

Hy! Because vTigerCRM is an international system, I decided to create a blog about this CRM in an international language: English. I don’t speak this language very well, but hope it’s enough to describe the modifications. Please excuse grammatical or spelling errors. I will do my best to publish important modifications for the open source community, to help other companies to customize vTiger […]


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